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Texas Home Builder Guide, What to Look For

So you are ready to find a home builder here in Texas. Do not, I repeat, do not just pick up the Yellow Pages and select the first home builder add that you see. If you have not done your research you may find a yourself with a lot of extra headaches. In this article we will discuss some key points to helping you find the proper qualities of a good builder. Hopefully these tips will allow you to not only select a good builder, but I’ll allow you to have a good relationship with your builder, and get the home of your dreams built with little to no problems.

For emphasis, Going back to what was stated earlier, the first tip is to not pick up the Yellow Pages and just like the first builder that you see.

Never choose a Texas home builder simply because, he or she seems “nice”. Don’t get me wrong it is a big plus to have a builder who is nice, but this should not be the sole reason for selecting him. Being nice is not proof that you need that this person can build a house that you need to build.

Get a reliable referral. By reliable this means someone who you know, knows the builder, or possibly lives in one of the houses that the builder has built. Word-of-mouth is one of the best ways to find a good reliable builder.

When you are thinking about a particular builder to select to build your home, do some research. Whether this means hiring a private investigator, or just picking up the phone and making some phone calls. You would be surprised how much information you can find on a contractor in just an hour on the Internet or on the phone.

Take a look at your home builders previous houses, both inside and out. Don’t be afraid to talk to previous customers and get their feedback on your home builder. When talking to previous customers it is good to watch for and excited customer, and excited customer is a truly happy customer. You also want to check for satisfaction percentages, sure one or two customers may be happy, but over all what’s his satisfaction rate.

Check your home builders license and registration status. Simply looking up this information on the Internet will provide all kinds of information such as his insurance and unsatisfied customers.

Find out if your home builder has any lawsuits against them from previous customers. This ties in with a lot of the other points, and this information can simply be acquired by calling up to any superior court clerk’s office and just asking for information on a particular builder. The clerk should be able to pull up any files and let you know if that particular builder has been a defendant in any civil suits.

Once you have narrowed it down to one or two builders and you are considering them strongly for your home, sit them down and interview them. Do this like you would interview anyone who might be applying for a job to work for you. Find out if the builder is on the same page as you are when it comes to modifications of the homes plans. If the plans call for laminate countertops and you want granite, is your builder willing to work with you? Does your builder use quality materials that you would find on nicer homes, as apposed to materials you might find in a manufactured or mobile home? Quality products like produced from well known established companies like hardiplank and dal tile. If after the interview you simply don’t like them, the choice is easy to not hire them. This is a prime example of a time when it is great to go with your gut feeling. Try to do your best to see if the builder you are interviewing is throwing you some sort of sales pitch.

Asked the builder for his builders standard contract, then take it home and review it. Then have it reviewed by professional. If for some reason your builder does not want to give you a contract before you actually sign it, that is a pretty big red flag.

If you read and apply these steps, and do your research, the chances are greater for you to find a good home builder that you can build a good relationship and a good house with.

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Pete Belknap & Associates

This small Texas home builder located in Pearland & Houston Texas area works directly with the home buyer to create a truly custom home. Whether you are looking to build a brand new home or just improving on the home you already love, Pete Belknap & Associates will guide you through the process.

Pete Belknap & Associates uses only the highest quality materials and employs true craftsmen. As a custom builder they are only limited by your imagination. With houses starting from $100,000 to $800,000 you will be sure to find a house that compliment your lifestyle and budget.

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William Ryan Homes

Founded on a “Customer First” Philosophy, William Ryan Homes a Fort Worth home building company is committed to listening to their customers. William Ryan Homes is dedicated to a quality product, honesty & integrity, open communication, and flexible home designs.

Every home built focuses on architectural design, flexible floor plans and their very own science-based building systems allowing them to deliver visual appeal, livability and quality to each and every home built. William Ryan Homes offers a 60-day “tune-up” inspection, 11 month warranty inspection, and a 1/2/10 year transferable home warranty.

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Mercedes Homes

One of America’s fastest growing builders located in Dallas, Mercedes Homes offers homes with style, quality, and value. Existing since 1983, Mercedes Homes takes pride in designing and building over 4,500 homes a year. They are currently ranked as the 16th largest builder in the United States and also the nations largest 100% employee-owned home builder.

Mercedes Homes has developed a reputation for stylish design and with homes priced from $130,000 to over $300,000 you are bound to find a home that meets your style and budget. Even their least expensive home is loaded with architectural detailing that will set your new home apart from the neighborhood.

In a national independent study of customer satisfaction, Mercedes Homes was ranked as one of the top five best builders in Dallas/Fort Worth. They are certified Energy Star homes, and are healthier, efficient, quieter, and good for the environment. Mercedes Homes are also offered in major markets throughout Texas, Florida and the Carolinas.

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Philip Lane Homes

Philip Lane Homes is a custom builder and serve Houston, Conroe/Lake Conroe, and the Woodlands Area. The Award winning husband and wife team have maintained their commitment to bringing exclusive style and design, state-of-the-art craftsmanship, and integrity to every home they build.

Philip Lane Homes designs for the home buyer’s personal lifestyle, specializing in custom homes for couples wanting to downsize or young couples with growing families that are wanting to indulge without sacrificing elegance, convenience, or style. Estate Series range from the mid $300s and custom homes in the Signature Series range from the mid $200.

Homes can be built on the customer’s lot or in a beautiful tree-shaded community personally selected by Philip Lane. Philip Lane Homes is a full service builder that includes complete design and architectural planning.

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Energy Crafted Homes

Located in Lake Conroe Texas, each Energy Crafted Home is designed to maintain good home health, comfort, and energy efficiency. Their distinctive styling, superior quality, and green energy efficiency efforts make each home built unique. Energy Crafted Homes is dedicated to their customers and the satisfaction of those customers is priority.

Each Energy Crafted Home is structured to meet Texas conservation standards, and are designed to work and maintain superior energy efficiency. Each home is designed with volume ceilings and stylish interiors, including custom cabinets and granite counters. All homes are built with custom exteriors as well, customers can choose from stucco, brick, and stone exteriors and their choice of designs for outdoor living. Every Energy Crafted Home comes with a 10 Year Buyer’s Warranty.

Energy Crafted Homes have implemented a special pricing approach that helps eliminate additional fees on overages, which will potentially save you thousands of dollars. Each home built comes with the service of a professional interior decorator to make the home one that compliments your lifestyle and reflects your dreams.

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Mercedes Homes

Mercedes Builders is located in Austin Texas, offering style, quality, and value. They believe that these three elements have led them to become one of America’s fastest growing homebuilders. They offer dozens of floor plans with an architectural design that you will love. Prices start in the $130,000 price range to over $300,000. Mercedes homes started in 1983 building just 35 homes. Since then Mercedes homes has grown and is building over 4500 homes a year. Mercedes homes is currently ranked as the 16th largest builder and the US. They are also the nation’s largest 100% employee owned homebuilder.

The VP of operation Scott Buescher states that it is their mission to commit our energy and resources to quality design, value, and customer satisfaction. And that they are very proud to have their efforts reck knives and acknowledged nationally. Mercedes homes also has other offices in bigger cities such as Dallas Texas, and Fort Worth Texas.

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Choice Homes

Located in Amarillo, Offering Functional floor plans in price ranges from 70’s to over 180,000. Choice homes started in 1987 and now has over more than 100 communities throughout Texas and in Georgia. Choice homes believes that everyone deserves to have their own space that reflects their own sense of personal style. Choice homes has over 36,000 homes and counting. Choice homes believes in the value, quality, integrity, and customer satisfaction. Choice homes boasts timeless design, craftsmanship , flexible features, excellent construction materials, trusted brand names on everything from carpeting to the most energy-efficient heating and cooling systems.

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